I am optimistic I will have my LOI accepted over the next few days. The company is owned by a husband and wife and the wife handles most of the accounting functions such as payroll, receivables, and payables. There is additional office staff who can help with these tasks when they travel but she takes the lead.
  The Sellers believe I should hire someone to do these tasks but I want to explore alternatives. In order to hire a full time bookkeeper it will cost around 60-70K after benefits and payroll taxes and I don't think it requires 40 hours of work each week. 
If I close the transaction my plan would be to first learn these tasks so I have a basic understanding and quickly transition the accounting system to cloud access. Then I would decide if I want to hire someone to do this or outsource the work at a potentially lower cost.

Has anyone had experience outsourcing payroll, AR, and AP tasks? I would be thrilled to speak with anyone who has worked with a virtual bookkeeper in the Philippines or somewhere else to reduce cost and understand their experience.