Hey all - Looking forward to getting plugged into this community! Steve Ressler and I have been talking about search funds recently, and I'm eager to dig in.

I'm looking to make 3-5 $25k investments in different searches in the next few months. I'm still very new to this space, but in general I'm very bullish on strong operators with relevant experience being able to acquire non-sexy businesses (ideally with very sticky customers) at a reasonable multiple.

I know the SaaS software and real estate worlds inside and out (see background below), but am also interested in others: manufacturing, construction, insurance, finance, etc.

Three asks for the group:
1) If you're in the US and actively raising now, please reach out. I'm interested!
2) If you're an investor, I'd love to chat and learn from your experience -- and possibly co-invest or look a similar deals together.
3) Relatedly, if there's anything you'd recommend I read -- blog posts, books, etc -- to best come up to speed, please send my way.

Email = [redacted] cell = [redacted]

My background:
- Sold my SaaS company = Contactually last year to Compass. $10M ARR, 80 people. We were the #1 real estate CRM player. I was our COO and managed all of sales/marketing/support + product.
- Since then I've started a small vacation rental investment fund. We buy cabins in the DC area and rent them on Airbnb, etc. Still early but 25% CoC so far.
- Microsoft PM in an earlier life. MIT alum.