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This company provides training, coaching, and development for corporations and is boasting a 45% average profit margin! With a client base that consists of several manufacturing plants that have grown exponentially in the last year, the demand for safety training is through the roof. The company has a very healthy list of grants already approved, as well as a significant list of grants submitted and waiting for approval that will occupy much of###-###-#### There are also a large number of non-grant training and project initiatives that will positively impact future revenue. Personnel includes 1 CFO, 4 certified trainers, 2 grant writers/managers, and 1 office coordinator; everyone on staff is cross-trained. Holding steady at a 95% customer retention rate, their services include leadership training, professional development, executive coaching, and safety training. 80% of their business is within a 150-mile radius, while the other 20% of their work is nationwide. Working out of a 3,600 sq. ft. office space at $2,950 per month and no inventory, the owner’s operating costs are extremely low. Assets include 5 vehicles used for training jobs that require travel, along with office furniture, fixtures, and equipment. The company’s typical sale size is $2,500-$4,500 per training session, depending on travel requirements. This company is the only private training organization that is partnered with public entities, giving them a huge strategic advantage in the grant world by allowing them to be able to utilize their platform and write more grant dollars than their competitors. Their grant writing managers work with businesses to identify training needs, write, and submit the application, and manage grant training and fiscal responsibilities. Priced at $2,125,000, there is no slowdown in sight for this top-notch company! Word-of-mouth referrals and 100% positive feedback from customers have given them a rock-solid reputation in the area. Working to promote e-learning, as well as looking into selling their training materials would certainly lead to revenue growth.

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Lincoln Parish, LA, USA
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