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Ever thought of taking the entrepreneurial plunge, but not sure what product or service you'd sell? Do you believe the value of your MBA is that it gives you the skills to be your own boss, make meaningful decisions for your own business, and enable your business to thrive? Do you want to apply your experience and class-learning to real-world situations alongside an actual search fund entrepreneur or with ETA (entrepreneurship through acquisition) investors?

If this sounds like you, then apply below for Halstatt Legacy Partners' 2021 MBA ETA Summer Operator Internship Program, through which we place top-notch, entrepreneurial MBAs in high-impact roles at one of our operating companies, with our current search partners, or with the Halstatt Legacy Partners investment team.

Halstatt Legacy Partners' mission is to help exceptional entrepreneurs optimize their search for the right small business to acquire and lead that business to new growth and profitability levels. We take our partnership commitments seriously. We teach our partners how to search, provide them with the technology and methods required to increase their search efficiency, and do whatever is necessary to help our partners be successful. When it's time to buy the company, we provide 100% of the equity needed to close and use our balance sheet to secure debt financing on favorable terms. We are a part of Halstatt, LLC, a Naples, Florida-based family-owned investment company with a value creation history spanning generations. Our operating companies include Hanlon Acoustical Ceilings in Tampa, FL, Perfect Surface in Houston, TX, RedRock Financial in Cleveland, OH, and Satterfield Paving in Durham, NC. Additionally, we have partners searching to acquire companies from Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA.

We consider our MBA Summer Operators to be catalysts for innovation and improvement, and we're excited for you to join our team to jumpstart or accelerate high-impact projects that will add value to both you and the company. You will work as if this were your own business and as a thought-partner to the company's CEO. We will train you on what currently exists, give high-level direction on what you need to accomplish, and you will have the autonomy to determine the best course of action to achieve it with the help of the surrounding team. We tailor each intern's role to match their learning goals with the company's objectives.

What types of projects should you expect to take on at each company during your summer?

Hanlon Acoustical Ceilings in Tampa, FL

  • Redesign the core market sales strategy to target and win projects at increased margins.
  • Spearhead the creation of “low-code” scheduling tool to improve field team labor forecasting and project backlog management.
  • Devise the approach to source, hire, train, and retain industry leading ceiling installers.

Perfect Surface in Houston, TX

  • Build the geographic expansion strategy, including market prioritization, business development methods and execution plans.
  • Determine the optimal service line expansion strategies, including which extensions are best, and the org design, operations, hiring and training requirements for launch.

RedRock Financial in Cleveland, OH

  • Invent the playbook for geographic expansion.
  • Improve and utilize RedRock's proprietary method to source, train and develop loan servicing staff to evaluate customer risk and improve expected value.
  • Lead the company’s rebranding roll-out.
  • Engineer the company’s data and controls through isolating KPIs for departments and roles and designing management dashboards to utilize them.

Satterfield Paving in Durham, NC

  • Brainstorm the winter quarter profit improvement solution; devise and evaluate the best methods to maximize employee utilization and reduce expense during the winter.
  • Build the geographic expansion strategy and recommend ideal expansion priorities based on competitive landscape, supplier relationships, population growth dynamics, labor availability and acquisition opportunities.
  • Author the full marketing/market entry strategy to win share in a growing segment created by the COVID pandemic.
  • Define the company’s digital marketing strategy, including website redesign, SEO, SEM and content marketing.

Why would I want to be a Summer Operator?

  • To get hands-on experience building an entrepreneurial business and make an impact on the business
  • To get inside an actual search fund to see what it's like to lead in a small business
  • To establish relationships with small business CEOs and their investors

The ultimate goal of our 2021 MBA Summer Operator Program is to give our interns meaningful, hands-on experience in a growing entrepreneurial company while enabling the company to accelerate its growth and sustainably scale the business.

To learn more or start a conversation about becoming one of our MBA Summer Operators at any of the above opportunities, please apply below. You can also check out our website for examples of our work at

To apply, visit: http://halstatt[redacted]