Today we've released our 4th episode of our support podcast on the eve of the 2023 forum. I'm really looking forward to seeing Judo in the room again this year, along with other lenders who've supported the community.

This podcast is intended to help support the conversations and topics the ETA community might find helpful.

In this latest episode Jacqui Colwell talks about her experience launching a new bank in Australia focused on SME lending as the Chief Risk Officer. It explores her motivations for leaving a traditional banking role and starting a new venture with a focus on customer relations and SME banking. The talk delves into the complex challenges of regulatory compliance and licensing while emphasising the importance of team alignment and culture in risk management. Topics covered include:

Challenges in Founding a New Bank: - Regulatory hurdles and capital requirements specific to launching a new bank.

Pursuit of a Banking License: - Decision to proceed with a full banking license despite a changing regulatory landscape.

Regulatory Dynamics: - The weight of regulations that come with being categorised as a 'bank'.

Operational Challenges: - The systematic approach to tackling licensing requirements while preserving the vision for the bank.

Organisational Culture: - The importance of nurturing the right culture for risk management across the team.

Team Dynamics: - Team expansion and the necessity for alignment in vision and risk understanding.

Additional Insights from Jacqui Colwell:

  • What is the role of a Chief Risk Officer?
  • Managing risks within set appetites.
  • Innovations in decision-making and customer engagement at the new bank.
  • Does making a wrong lending decision matter for a credit officer?
  • What's the role of director's guarantees in lending?