Who has experience selecting / implementing an ERP for a field service company? It's complicated by the fact that the target we are looking at has both long projects (often municipal) and very short one-day service calls. They are currently using QuickBooks, which won't work for the long run growth we're planning.

I'm not familiar with any single system that seamlessly links revenue recognition, invoicing, inventory, project-level expense tracking, and service dispatching all in one place, so I'm trying to estimate in our diligence what the cost will be to implement all of that (currently done mostly manually). ERP is one part of it, but there are a lot of moving pieces if we want to really modernize processes. I'd love to be able to bring a perspective on a potential full stack even if the management team decides to do it one piece at a time. Will not be the last portco where this is an issue.

If you know any good systems we should consider, please comment. If you know a lot about this topic, then I would love to schedule a call. Thanks in advance, everyone!