Hello searcher,

I have been a self funded solo searcher looking for business to acquire. Another solo searcher brought an interesting deal and I like to team up to acquire the business.

Here are the deal structure

1. I will finance the purchase with 85% coming from SBA and providing 81% of down payment
2. Partner-A will provide remaining 19% of down payment
3. Another friend of ours interested in joining and ready to invest . ( he may provide 15% of equity injection so two partner will together 30% equity injection )

Interested in hearing how best to structure the equity ownership so risk and upside is distributed appropriately and fairly.

Partner initially would stay in advisor role but in future they may take some role in the business, when that happens should the partner be awarded additional equity or a compensation and bonus or any other combination ?

What are the pros and cons of having partner taking a role in day to day execution ?

Thank you in advance.