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Our client’s software is designed to help small and large organizations get a better return on their email marketing activities. It does this by adding much needed benefits to Gmail, including allowing for sending mass marketing emails by utilizing multiple Gmail accounts. This allows each client to send unlimited emails via Gmail. The software is a web-based application which transforms a free Gmail account or Google Workspace account into a powerful email marketing application. With 1.8 billion Gmail users and 6 million Google Workspace user accounts, this software has huge potential of generating substantial ongoing revenue or managing substantial, internal email flow. The software has been designed to work alongside Gmail. Its primary goal is to get mass email delivered to recipients’ inbox and not their spam folder. It accomplishes this by extending the functionality to include: Personalizing and Rotating Subject Lines to make email sent appear different. Checking and scoring the subject lines to avoid being flagged as spam Adding personalization and mail merge functionality to email copy Checking email copy for spam-like content and warning you so you don’t make careless mistakes when writing copy. When an email campaign is ready to be sent, users simply utilize the powerful inbuilt email scheduler which sends emails as if they were transactional emails Users can schedule the days of the week to send and how many emails to send per hour. The emails are sent at random times within the hour. But it gets better, because just prior to sending the software will validate the email address to see if it exists. If it’s a bad email address the email is not sent, thus helping to protect the email sender’s reputation. When importing email lists users have powerful list management features allowing them to avoid importing duplicate email addresses. Users can exclude free email addresses, role-based emails and be very specific to the type of emails they want to send to. For example, users can easily exclude certain domain extensions. This functionality alone will save hours of time managing email lists. The application is CanSpam and GDPR compliant. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Facilities: N/A SaaS Application. Competition: None with equivalent functionality. Growth & Expansion: Our client’s app is designed for use by small to medium sized companies, of which there are millions in the marketplace. Financing: To be determined if the price and deal structure are right. Support & Training: As needed – specific terms for transition support can be negotiated. The Seller wishes to facilitate a successful and smooth transfer of the business. Reason for Selling: Other business interests.

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