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eLearning Business that Trains Entrepreneurs How to Sell on Amazon – Recurring Revenue – Average LTV is $4,000 – Custom Built Software Website Closers® presents a 5-year-old eLearning brand that fills a valuable niche in the business world. This highly efficient, low OPEX company focuses on producing training and mentoring services for aspiring entrepreneurs. These quality training sessions are geared toward helping customers learn how to make a profit as eCommerce Retailers by buying and selling books on Amazon. The company has seen astounding growth since its founding, and, with an average customer lifetime value of $4,000, it’s clear that this deal will be one for the books. Unlike its competition, which focuses on customers who already have some prior knowledge of how to operate in the eCommerce field, this business targets newcomers learning everything from scratch. As a result, their training is much simpler and easier to understand, giving the brand a wider demographic appeal.

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