Hello Searchfunder community,
I am looking to acquire an educational facility managed out of Florida and virtually. The academy focuses on tutoring services for athletes, high-net individuals, or students seeking alternative education models. I am currently the CFO (been employed for four years and was a client previously) and am looking for financing options since I am not an American citizen or resident and don’t have access to SBA loans. The current owner will stay on board for one year for a complete transition.
The financial performance from 2020 to 2022 has been positive, even thru COVID. Revenue averaged $3.35 million during this period, and EBITDA averaged $1.21 million after add-backs. A conservative forecast shows sales increasing for the next five years.
That said, I am looking for a strategic partner to whom I am willing to give majority equity. Liability is something that we could address through the partnership agreement. Also, this could be structured as a buyout which we could further discuss if interested.

Please reach out if interested or if you know any funds/investors/partners that might be interested in learning more about the opportunity.

Thank you! Jose Bonetti --@----.com