I looked through BVR and didn't see relevant info, so if it's there let me know and I'll go back and re-search.

When I am looking at startup/development opportunities I always want to be aware of exit strategies. One of my methods is to always know a valuation at given plateaus along the process. We are looking at developing some software that would work well in and around our other business operations. At this point it is only an idea. We are working through development plan and I am curious about the value of this type of asset as a stand alone. How is value determined after development but prior to user implementation. If portions are offered as freeware, are users valued prior to revenues generated, etc. This will be a healthcare management tool that could be a game changer once all modules are developed and combined.

Is there a decent resource for this type of data available? Also appreciate references to good advisors in the space. Thank you.

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