E:29 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Adam Coffey CoolSys CEO - in 20 years, Adam has bought & sold 100 companies, values range from $1 million to over $1 billion, aggregate value close to $5 billion dollars.

00:00 Intro to Adam Coffey, Army Vet, bought sold 100 companies in 20 years, bought 21 for CoolSys, author of the Private Equity Playbook and The EXIT Strategy Playbook 02:07 Why did he write them and reason for Private Equity Playbook and The EXIT Strategy Playbooks - adding credibility 03:42 Sponsored by 2 different Private Equity firms - the back story - the goal of... 07:42 How he started with CoolSys 09:42 The target & customer characteristics for CoolSys acquisitions 11:30 How he grows new acquisitions by cross pollination 13:37 How he sources new deals -what happens when CoolSys is shaking the trees 17:00 Growth expectations, before after, organic and buy build 21:19 Rollovers, 2nd Bite of Apple - how the seller benefits, again and again and again - why sell your company once? 26:25 Three more ways for seller to generate multiple income streams 29:51 Working with, inspired by his brother, son & the entrepreneurial creative flair 32:25 Ebidta, Going into LOI landmines - Cash Profit - Value & Fair/Unfair Representations 37:35 How he values a business and offers calculates multiple ranges based on filter characteristics - why he buys world class assets vs fixing what is broken 42:05 Stephen Schwartzman - Don't Lose Money formal/unformal veto power over acquisitions 43:30 What kills a deal - maliciousness, accounting, or odd man out. 46:57 Sellers motivation: Turn out the lights or join the team - focusing on price top dollar leaving money on the table 50:47 Why he joined the United States Army - what it offered him - if not for his service... 54:17 The 3 types of employees he hires - how CoolSys created 21 blue collar - guys - in - trucks Multi Millionaires