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This company is a monthly subscription-based product-sourcing marketplace and automation software for Shopify merchants. Since its launch in July 2018, the company has seen consistent double-digit organic annual revenue growth and achieved profitability in###-###-#### The product is competitively priced and offers a superior selection of products, branding, and overall feel. Organic inbound traffic has enabled them to build their business without significant marketing efforts, and they offer a highly profitable, low-touch service, selling Shopify store packages bundled with multiple months of their subscription. Their catalog comprises high-quality US and Canadian direct-to-consumer brands that offer dropshipping services that are exclusively available to its network. The company has established a brand of quality and reliability, offering an order success guarantee, as well as a two-way internal communication system for merchants and suppliers. Internal metrics show that around two-thirds of app uninstalls are actually Shopify stores 'closing', rather than truly uninstalling the app. The company has several opportunities for further growth and has product launches planned for the year. With consistent revenue growth and a profitable 2022, they are on-track for an even more profitable 2023. Teaser: https://app.dealbuilder.co/blind-profile/2283c71e-7f51-4886-9e35-32fd561234f8

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