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Project Strand (the “Company”) is a made-to-order ecommerce custom hardwood furniture company. The Company benefits from premium brand positioning but products are offered at a lower-price point than competitors. The business model provides front-end cashflow with expenses paid after sale is 100% complete. Internal operations (inventory management, generating quotes, order management etc) have been automated to make day-to-day activity to drive efficiency and scale. Production is completed by 3rd party contractors. The Company can be managed by a strong operator to facilitate communications between client and contractors. Recent pandemic benefited the Company as consumers turned to e-commerce for inspiration for home renovations, home refreshes, office spaces, Zoom rooms and other entertainment spaces. Customer acquisition is primarily through Etsy & paid search. 300K+ organic monthly Pinterest views, 100 reviews/5-star ratings on Etsy and A+ rating with BBB. No industry experience required. Investment in the Company might be of particular interest to a process-oriented individual or an existing business owner in the following verticals: o Interior Design o Furniture Fabricator o Premium General Contractor/Construction Business o eCommerce, digitally-native operator desiring to expand their business The Company is on track to exceed $500,000 in top-line revenue in F2021. The Company produced $80,000 in Sellers Discretionary Earnings (SDE) over the last 12- months as well as increased its investments in internal operations (hiring an admin, bookkeeper & paid advertising) Average basket size/order has increased every year since 2018 ($1,509), 2019 ($2,302), 2020 ($2,853) & 2021 YTD ($3,187), which is a 28.3% CAGR from###-###-#### . Despite sales being down in 2020 due to COVID-19, the Company remained profitable due to limited nature of overhead being an e- commerce-based business. Dedicated operator could grow the business with increased focus on customer service, new business development, and strategic partnerships. Consistent customer communication, new product introduction, adding a referral program and other retail marketing tactics along with online ad campaign optimization and increased investments in digital marketing to generate paid/organic traffic. Attendance at national furniture tradeshows to expand partnership opportunities.

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Minneapolis, MN, USA
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