E: 27 Top M&A Entrepreneurs: Andrew Pierno Acquiring Micro SaaS Companies

00:00 Intro Andrew Pierno and XOXO Capital 00:38 Andrew's backstory, a Venture Fund, CTO, Raising $8Million - What happened When it fell apart 05:45 Talking about MicroAquire & the types businesses and entrepreneurs that list 07:40 The start of Acquisition Thesis - Zero to One Sucks 09:40 Sourcing deals - Off Market Only - Cash Flow and Multiples not Based on Reality 10:51 Types of Financing he uses to Acquire - and How 11:54 The Template: Buy Under Valued, Improving Operations, Increasing Value 13:45 Results so far, 3Xed on 5Xed another 14:01 Working with and VCs that still own part of company 15:30 Finding the right people to work with 16:30 Starting the XOXO fund - bringing on investors 18:38 Deal Sourcing - start with 4 partners... 20:20 How much the company Andrew acquires and "Strong Convictions - Weakly Held" 24:40 Platform Approach vs buy build flip and alignment consensus 27:00 Building a compelling pitch deck for investors - What Matters 28:10 Looking at business and uncovering the value - upstream / downstream considerations 30:39 Who he looks for inspiration - Tiny Capital Andrew Wilkinson 32:30 Charlie Munger and Avoiding Mistakes 33:30 Transparency, Deal Flow & Hustling people on Twitter 35:30 Trusting Seller Numbers - Verifying with Payment Processor 39:00 Stickler on Due Diligence - His Deal Team