DueDilio has had a lot of success thanks to this great community. Earlier this week, I shared an update with subscribers as well as network participants. I want to share the same update here...

Progress I launched DueDilio to streamline the process of sourcing, pricing, and hiring quality pre-vetted due diligence service providers. We now have 115+ due diligence service providers as part of our network including independent professionals, attorneys, CPAs, M&A advisors, boutique and mid-size firms, subject-matter-experts, and more. We also have complementary partnerships and the ability to custom-source due diligence solutions. Today, I (almost) struggle to think of a due diligence project that we would not be able to facilitate. On April 5th, 2021 we saw the first due diligence project submitted through the website. Since that time, we have facilitated 65+ requests for help with finance, technology, legal, operations, and other types of due diligence. Today, we are consistently seeing 3 to 5 new projects per week submitted through our website. Our clients have included searchers, independent sponsors, family offices, private investors, and SMBs. The typical transaction value our clients are dealing with is in the range of $1M - $15M. We’ve seen transactions in a wide variety of sectors including health care, SaaS, e-commerce, services, industrials, and media. All demand so far has been organically driven.

Our Focus The goal is to be a one-stop destination for the due diligence needs of business buyers and private investors with any transaction < $25M. To achieve this, DueDilio is focusing on educating the market, offering the right solutions, and delighting the customer.

Again, I want to thank the Searchfunder community for supporting DueDilio and our vision. Many of you have joined the platform as service providers and even more of you have turned to DueDilio for your due diligence needs.

As always - DueDilio is free to use and I am happy to help any way I can.