One problem all self-funded searchers face - eventually almost everyone runs out of runway. It’s incredibly important for self-funded searchers to prioritize and maximize the time spent on finding and closing the right deal.

That’s why we started Search Investment Group (SIG). SIG is made up of like-minded investors who decided to combine resources, experience, and their networks to support the self-funded search community. Our group is made up of a unique mix of successful operators, deal professionals, and former searchers.

We partner with self-funded searchers with the goal of dramatically improving their odds of success while allowing them to achieve their goal of owning their own business.

Most importantly, searchers get the support they need while still getting to set their own strategy. They also keep control of their acquisition and can expect to raise equity on extremely attractive terms.

You can find out more about SIG by visiting our website: www.searchinvestgroup.com