Hey guys,

What're the best deal terms you've ever landed, particularly related to downside-limiting terms? Think, all or nearly-all seller financed over 3-5 years, buying and having commitment to pay out at a low multiple of EBITDE/SDE but having higher payout to the seller if profit/revenue targets are hit on a yearly basis, terms around the seller get the business back if certain # of payments are missed, or perhaps the payout period getting extended for missed payments. What are the best plays like this that you've been able to pull off?

I'm really trying to risk-mitigate as hard as I can on my first deal. Avoiding SBA & PG if I can (again on the first at least), building in contingency if sales drop or expenses increase unexpectedly, transition plan with the seller to keep them on to train up the new operator, incentivizing them with them getting paid out more if we have growth, bringing in an experienced operator and also giving them equity incentivization. Reading on twitter and here, it doesn't seem like these things are often stacked into a deal, and I get it, a business listed with a broker is going to have competition among buyers, but I can't help but think there's got to be examples of deals similar to the one I've described that have been executed with the right seller who was approached at the right time, likely before they were really committed to selling. Would love to hear thoughts on this.