Hey all - I'm working on assembling the right capital partners for an acquisition. The sellers are sharp and I want to keep them, and so am rolling equity with the seller, which would itself disqualify an SBA loan. I additionally would avoid their style of PG if I can.

I'm looking for patient capital that likes to encourage long term growth and good decision making rather than maximizing their rate.

So my question to this group is -- do any of you have experience with a credible lender of non SBA dollars who are also good humans? There increasingly seem to be lenders who spray and pray termsheets, and I would seek to avoid them too, so please only refer one if you've closed a deal with them.

A few high level considerations that might be disqualifiers to some lenders, so I will put them up front:
- $2MM in EBITDA
- No real estate
- No heavy equipment or other assets that easily collateralize
- Retail and ecommerce business, which I know is a turn off for some