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Closing a deal is a series of 12 key challenges. Your deal won’t close until you overcome every one of them. That’s why it’s important to enlist help in your deal early, especially if you’re a self-funded searcher new to acquisitions.

With these 12 Challenges, buyers must ask themselves are they set up to overcome all of these given their other commitments or should they get help?

If you're interested in receiving my latest white paper with more details on this topic, please DM me. The summary of the 12 Challenges are below.

The 12 Challenges in Short:

You: This is your biggest investment. You need to get comfortable with the business

The Seller: The seller must open the kimono. Many are resistant and slow.

The Seller's CPA: The seller's CPA must deliver the financials to you and they must be solid

The SBA: The SBA requires a proforma financial model and a business plan. Are you good at creating these?

The Broker: Bad brokers kill good deals. How can you best maneuver?

Seller's Trust: You're buying the seller's baby (business). The seller won't sell if they don't trust you.

Industry: Is the industry any good? How would you know?

Key Man Risk: Can you run the business without the seller? How would you know?

Your Lawyer: Do you know how to negotiate the top 10 items in a purchase agreement?

The Seller's Lawyer: The seller's lawyer has marked up your whole purchase agreement. How should you respond?

The Bank: The bank process is nuanced. You (or we) need to manage this process

Your Spouse: Last but not least, your spouse must be on board and the right communication is key!

I've received a lot of feedback on this topic and I look forward to continuing the conversation in the comments.