We want to hear from you, so we can help you and others avoid costly mistakes. Reality: The 2020 Stanford Search Fund Study reports a 33% failure (to complete a transaction) rate. And, of those search funds that bought a business, 25% suffered losses from their investment.

Buyer competition forces some acquirers to make fatal concessions when negotiating with sellers. • That's why so many people buy the right businesses the wrong ways. • Or, they have to settle for what other searchers don't want.
You can increase the probability of doing a deal if you know more about how to handle buyer competition. You're invited to attend my Jan 5 Zoom Q&A: How to Avoid or Beat Business Buyer Competition.

Trying to protect the confidentially for searchers who want it, this event will not be live-streamed on Searchfunder or anywhere else.

• 27 searchers wanting to buy a business, worldwide, have, so far, registered for it: NZ, AU, UK, USA and Canada.

Pre-register now. Attendance is limited. https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAvdemurTooGdQYrYpcej2GDTv0h8tKEjWD