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Expecting to enter LOI on one or more deals imminently. Exclusivity will run through March-ish or transaction completion.. Intern will be involved in due diligence activities alongside myself and advisors (accounting, tax, equipment review, insurance, legal)

Primary areas I believe an intern can provide leverage:

  • Commercial review of B2B clients and contracts
  • Local competitive analysis
  • Evaluating value creation levers (new accounts, new services, cost out,...)
  • Financial analysis - and specifically around capex planning and depreciation

I expect you to learn a lot, but also prefer some/more of business background in any of: PE, consulting, B2B services

Activities are NOT anticipated to include much/any target list-building

Reach out to myself at [redacted] or by phone at[redacted]Let me know what you bring to the table, and what you want to learn!