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Founded in 2001, the Company is an award-winning industry leader in physic-based prognostic solutions, with expertise in tribology, materials, and data science. The Company’s core focus is to lower the cost of designing and operating mechanical equipment through the digitalization of assets and the world’s only patented life prediction tool for mechanical systems. They offer a SaaS physics-based technology that is transferable to any industrial or transportation application as it is rooted in simulating the failure process over the asset’s lifetime under its unique operating conditions (lifecycle). They provide digital twins to an ecosystem of operators and suppliers. Our client provides digital twins of mechanical systems such as wind turbines, rotorcraft drivetrains, and vehicle transmissions, enabling cost-effective short- and long-term failure rates and identification of life extension actions that reduce operational cost. Their SaaS platform also checks the day-to-day performance and health state of field assets and their major components, starting with the rotating parts of the asset. It has been implemented first to increase the live performance of wind farms. The company is a distinguished developer of digital-based wind farm asset management and wind turbine performance monitoring systems. This digital twin platform is being adapted to manage fleets of helicopters and e-vehicles. The Company promotes sustainability by optimizing the design of drivetrains, replacing the number of prototypes in testing, and by creating digital twins for each asset to assess their performance which helps in predicting the failure of their main components. This is the perfect ‘ESG compliance software play’ in that the firm reduces the energy footprint of any large organization by shortening validation tests, eliminating wasted material from defective prototypes, and enhancing the operational life and efficiency of a large swath of mechanical systems. It has received numerous industry-specific awards and is seeking a supportive capital partner to purchase the Company and take it to the next level and build out a robust sales and marketing team. With a shoestring budget they have already had success penetrating a who’s who of Fortune 500 customers, time to turn it loose and secure hockey stick growth. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Facilities: Has headquarters in New York State. Competition: A few competitors in the space are Ansys, Onyx and Romax Technology among others. Growth & Expansion: Growth Plans • Establish Sales Team • Strengthen Existing SaaS Solutions • Develop Hybrid Physics and Data Science digital twin Financing: If the price and deal structure is right. Support & Training: As needed. Reason for Selling: Drive continued revenue growth.

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