Seeking capital.
I'm a former insurance and investment banking professional and currently a self-funded searcher with a deal under LOI to acquire a northeast-based insurance brokerage. The company operates in a non-cyclical industry (commercial insurance brokerage) and has long-term municipal and corporate customers. The business has experienced 5% growth in revenues and EBITDA over the past 3 years. Insurance contracts are typically renewed annually due to state requirements for several types of commercial insurance (work comp, auto liability), providing a strong recurring revenue opportunity regardless of business cycle. I'm seeking $520,000 in funding to acquire this target and to fund 3-4 bolt-on acquisitions in the near-term (1-2 years). I'm offering a 35%+ 5-year IRR to investors and have modeled conservative inorganic growth and EBITDA multiple assumptions. Email me at send me a DM, or comment directly to learn more.

New York, NY, USA
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