Hello everyone, I found a Construction business Deal.
The business is recovering well after negative net profits from 2020 and 2021, as it $1Million Net profit as of June 2022! The current valuation of the business by itself is $3Million but the assets are Valued at $12Million! It also has A/R at $3.5Million and A/P at $1Million. The seller is looking at full sale of his business and is willing to stay on aboard as an Employee for the next 3 Years. The business has capitalized on the current market and its on course to hit net profit of $5Mil and above in the next few years. During my initial meeting with the seller, I did my best to build rapport and we both like each other's perspective and the seller has maintained his business with couple of incidents for the last 20 years. I'm planning to propose a 90 Day Closeout as my Initial offer! Please feel free to reach out to me, If you have done or seen a deal close to this situation! Cuz the seller and I are on good terms and I need a deal structure that could workout for him! Thank you all for your support and Cheers.