The Ask:

Some (additional) socially minded / social enterprise driven folks in the SouthEast US willing to provide a bit of guidance....

The Reason:

I'm looking at an acquisition opportunity. We are meeting Wednesday morning and we have a verbal on the LOI...and I'm doing light-level diligence at this juncture. This is a small organization with about $3.6M in top line revenues, ~$330k in "supposed" EBITDA. AND...their Founder lacks understanding of working capital.... We have alignment around what we're both attempting to achieve, so I can likely purchase for some small amount down plus an earn-out and a cash infusion (which I believe I have covered based on what I'm seeing at this point). All in, we have strong alignment, and I've done a lot of turnaround work in my those aspects don't scare me off.

What I'm missing at this juncture is my "sponsor" or "roof." I mean that in the sense that I have a wonderful advisory board ready to become our BoD. Key point: wonderful in the sense that they hold me accountable and push me on my thought patterns (rigorous honesty is that I both hate and love that at the same time). While I don't need hand-holding, there is nothing like a "salty dog" in the mix who has done this before and has all those lovely checklists, support documents, the rolodex, and so forth...and I'm missing that person.

So, if you've survived all the above authenticity and vulnerability, what I need includes (1) a coach, and (2) the acquisition checklists, documents, and support I'm most likely to require...and some (more) socially minded folks in the SouthEast US who might be willing - now that I think about it - to hold my hand every now and then :)

Warm Regards and Happy Holidays Everyone!