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Key Highlights:

Residential painting business in scenic Puget Sound region.

A holistic approach with craftsmen skilled in diverse abilities, including drywall installation.

Prominent position in the industry, recognized through Google rankings.

Uncompromising commitment to quality, justifying higher prices for exceptional work.

Steady growth fueled by robust industry connections and referrals.

Positive customer satisfaction is reflected in reviews.

Evolving into a self-sustainable force with an expanding client base.

Trusted name with work vans and selection for various projects.

Inviting visionary entrepreneurs to lead the company into a new era of growth and success.

This is a great opportunity for an add-on business to extend services or for someone ready to leave the corporate world behind and begin working for themselves. Contact me today to learn more about it. /?returnurl=d3d3LmJpemJ1eXNlbGwuY29tL2Jyb2tlcmRpcmVjdG9yeS9Qcm9maWxlL1ZpZXdCcm9rZXJQcm9maWxlLmFzcHg%2fQnJva2VyUHJvZmlsZUlEPTM3Njk0&returnurllabel=50