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Greetings! I have a database of books, ebooks and audiobooks I want to sell. These documents/materials are ready to be published on amazon kdp and acx to generate immediate royalties. The reason why I am selling this ready to publish database is because I am exiting this business venture to start a new one and have time restraints. The database is composed of ~70 books, primarily non-fiction: - Book ready + bundles where applicable - Covers ready - Descriptions ready - Audio tracks ready - intellectual property licensed - a topic/book within a lucrative niche without extensive competition - cover design for all formats (KDP, Paperback, and ACX) - professionally written and proofread with 2 versions of written content, formatted for Kindle publishing and Paperback publishing All the files are ready and compliant to amazon KDP and ACX terms and conditions. 10% of amazon's revenue comes from books. That's more than 28 billion USD. You will enter a market that is thriving and giving you endless opportunities. If we assume each book is generating 10$ for you (lower end for shorter books, it can definitely be higher), you need to sell a very low number of copies to break even on your investment. After publishing more than 1000 books, I can confidently say that books break even after###-###-#### days of the sale, and after that, they start generating consistent cash for the publisher. Superstar books break even faster, sometimes in 7 days only. All this, without counting the audio stream, which is giving you access not only to the amazon market but also to the audible market. With these two streams combined, the break-even point is even shorter. On average, after you break even, you can expect every single book to generate between $300 and $600 every single month without doing anything. If you ad marketing to that equation, using amazon ads, you can multiply these numbers 10x Please reach out only if you have available funds, no other structures are worthwhile in this case. Preferably looking to sell all of them at once, if there is explicit interest they could be sold in bundles in smaller quantities.

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New York, NY, USA
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