Seeking capital.
Through my personal relationship with key members of the group. My Fan Tribe has partnered with Ready For The World featuring Official 2.0 (a Gen Z appealable vibe of the legendary recording artists who are truly pioneers in the R&B genre). We are working on RFTW featuring Official 2.0 being R&B ambassadors on the Upstream platform through an affiliation with My Fan Tribe. Combining an upstream NFT campaign with our crowdfunding efforts with Seed At The Table has us really excited for 2023. Partnering with RFTW's fans to raise money to reach our listing goals is first priority on the Seed At The Table platform. Then having the ability to trade with RFTW's global fan base on the secondary global exchange of Upstream is a game changer. Here is RFTW's much anticipated single "Iced Coffee". Based on initial feedback from fans (who are predominantly women). We know with the right marketing build up, our debut on Seed At The Table will really move the needle. Looking to produce a dual event that included virtual as well as physical. Would love your feedback along with any ladies in your life on the teaser "Iced Coffee".

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Dallas, TX, USA
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