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CPG Brand in the Health, Beauty & Personal Care Space – Amazon & B2B Sales Channels – 20 Amazon Best Sellers in the Current Array – 291% YOY Growth Website Closers® presents a thriving business tailored to providing health and beauty products directly to consumers through third-party channels like Amazon and eBay. The company specializes in sourcing the highest-demanded items available in the market, focusing primarily on skincare products and over-the-counter medications. They provide consumers with a wide variety of highly sought-after goods at very high volumes. Sales are primarily driven by Amazon, making up 80% of revenue, while eBay and Walmart account for 5% and a growing wholesale channel accounts for 15%. Management has a highly systemized and sophisticated process for selecting top-rated product lines and using their extensive vendor network to source them. The process is based on four methods. Retail demand analysis is a key strategy the company uses to identify large shelf space brands in mass retailers. They carefully note the most popular items that consumers buy regularly. Additionally, instead of reinventing the wheel, the owners have realized that one of the best ways to identify new opportunities is through their competition. They regularly review several companies in the industry that sell similar lines to determine brands to add to their catalog. These sellers have extensive knowledge in the industry and are competing at the same volume. Furthermore, the use of arbitrage and data software to obtain key metrics, such as sales volume, total FBA sellers, and profit margins for new SKUs, is crucial. The business then purchases the inventory through online retailers and contacts them directly through an automated system for future orders. Finally, the company is tuned in and open to referrals. They have identified many new opportunities through current vendors’ offerings. Many vendors offer different brands that can be added to the catalog anytime. These referrals are a useful way to source additional products. The strategies and methods above will be transferred and taught to a buyer. The current owners are highly motivated to see the brand grow under new stewardship and are committed to a comprehensive transition. All products are sourced through individual resellers, wholesalers, and distributors in the USA. The company only resells brand-name products for which the market has a healthy appetite. Top-selling SKUs include skincare creams from internationally recognized and loved brands and a large variety of allergy medications and supplements. Due to the limited number of approved Amazon accounts for the products this business sells, it has never been able to meet the sales volume exigency. As a result, significant opportunities exist to increase sales by acquiring more merchandise. Competitors become irrelevant when demand is far greater than supply. Astutely, the owners have 100 products in different verticals ready to launch. These have been identified and sourced with the same rigorous process as is always used, with the added benefit of selling in new categories. This roadmap is highly enticing for a new owner as risk is lowered, revenue will undoubtedly skyrocket, and the supply chain is in place. The business uses a 100% stock inventory model, and 99% of the stock is housed in Amazon warehouses after inspection. The items are sorted and shipped within seven business days. All are Fulfilled by Amazon and sold Prime. The inspection process is rigorous, as the glowing Amazon reviews will attest to. It includes verifying that the goods are in new condition, from the original manufacturer, sealed and in the original packaging, match the online listing exactly, have a minimum of nine months before expiration, are not damaged, and are labeled correctly for Amazon. The business experiences little seasonality besides a typical peak during the year-end holidays. The products sourced are constantly desired and available in the wholesale markets. Sales volumes continue to increase as Amazon, and other platforms attract more buyers. Enticingly for a new owner, growth opportunities are abundant. These include: Purchasing amplification is low-hanging fruit for this company. The owners spend only two days weekly sourcing as order processing takes up much of their time. Hiring purchasing managers and extending purchasing to five days a week will significantly increase the number of incoming orders. Adding new products has a track record of tremendous success and should be continued. Extending product lines is a quick way to increase revenue, diversify sales, and add new monthly purchasing and sales opportunities. Category augmentation, as mentioned, is on the roadmap. The business has focused on selling in the health and beauty niche. Considering its account is in excellent standing, it would be straightforward to enter new categories like groceries, toys, and pet supplies, to name just a few. Additional sales channels present multiple benefits. One of the most aggressive ways to increase sales is expanding to other channels. This will allow the company to purchase large quantities of inventory, sell faster, and limit risk. Expanding to Walmart, eBay, and additional wholesale buyers can immediately help increase sales. The typical customer is an adult living in the USA who uses daily health and beauty products such as allergy medication, skin moisturizers, and eye creams. It is common for users to reorder based on their monthly demands. The owners’ primary tasks for the business are structured and look as follows: • Two days per week are spent on sourcing and speaking to regular vendors. • One day is spent on processing incoming orders. • Two more days are spent prepping stock and shipping to Amazon. • Two hours weekly are spent communicating with Amazon to verify incoming shipments, returns, and removal orders. The company has no employees; however, hiring additional staff would be a shrewd move to lighten the owners’ workload and allow them to focus on scaling the operation. One independent contractor helps with inventory processing and eBay listings, and an accountant prepares tax returns quarterly. Contact Website Closers today to learn more about this burgeoning acquisition opportunity and the enormous scalability at its fingertips. Contact Michael Freedman or Michael Adams today so they can provide additional details. Asking Price- $7,500,000 Cash Flow- $2,503,175 Gross Income- $8,960,878 Year Established- 2020 Employees- 4

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