Searchers! First time posting and I look forward to connecting with many like-minded folks over the next few months.

If you are currently in a search process or about to begin one, I have two questions for you:
1) Have you considered the likely 3-5 year impact of generative AI on core business functions such as sales, marketing, customer support, operations, and software development when evaluating potential acquisitions?
2) Do you consider AI as a core value driver in your search / evaluation process?
3) How are you thinking about deploying AI-driven transformation across core aspects of operations?

I'm looking to connect with a few folks who are ready to go deep on this, as I'm developing a thesis for an "AI Advantages" fund or a single acquisition based on this. My general thesis is that every industry will see some impact in terms of productivity gains, and a few niche areas (yet to be prioritized) will see an outsized impact.

Happy to collaborate with folks looking to share ideas around AI impact across the value chain / industries.