About 7 months ago, I met ^Searchfunder member‌ here on the SearchFunder platform. I was immediately drawn to his attitude and demeanor. I was also convinced that Chris was going to buy a great business, and I wanted our firm to be his partner.

After submitting offers on several businesses that we didn’t win, Chris never stopped searching. He became even more determined to make his dream a reality. He sent detailed weekly updates to our team here at Sier Capital Partners, and his resiliency eventually paid off.

I’m proud to say that we recently partnered with Chris on an incredible business. I’m excited about our partnership, and I’m even more thrilled to establish a lifelong friendship with a person of Chris’ character. Congratulations!!

I’d also like to thank this platform. It has been an incredible honor to listen to many of your stories and dreams. I’m hopeful that we can support more people like Chris in the months and years to come.

Kevin Ramsier
Sier Capital Partners