We invested in AES (https://agencyemployment.ca/) – a Canada-based staffing and PEO-service company because we believe in Anne Ristic and the terrific business model she and her team will implement.

PEO service companies do those things that other businesses might not have the scale or passion for: payroll, hiring, benefits administration, etc. AES has strong and consistent EBITDA margins, a clear and achievable growth plan, and exists in a fast growing industry.

The new CEO, Anne, is a non-traditional searcher who led a successful career by any standard as a lawyer and managing partner of a law practice. Anne realized she loved the growth phase of a company – she wanted the challenge of scaling a professional services organization, which led her to search. Congratulations, Anne!

Our ideal opportunity has healthy margins (EBITDA >12%), requires low capex and working capital. We look for strong growth prospects, stable market share, and a clear competitive advantage. We do NOT have a particular searcher background or industry target to bound our investable universe.

Most importantly, we want to invest in a committed searcher who demonstrates integrity, intellectual rigor, and strong work ethic.

We don’t want to run your business; we aim to provide a non-influential minority investment >$100K. If you have a business in your sights and a committed seller, please contact --@----.com