I run a coaching business that has worked with search fund operators and investors to provide very specific/individualized coaching for existing (and/or new) members of acquired businesses.

We've come across many new CEO's who have relevant experience in the M&A space and are able to close deals, but perhaps don't have the time/attention/skills/desire to work on some of the upscaling (people/communication/team dynamic) skills that are critical to organizational success.

I'm eager to connect with folks across the ecosystem to explore opportunities where we can add value, save time/money, and ideally allow a searcher to explore/close deals with a degree of comfort that we can go into the new (to them) organization and work on these things while they focus on other aspects of bringing the business up to a certain standard.

My email is --@----.com and our website is www.nfil.net. Looking forward to connecting!