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The company is a fast-growing cloud automation SaaS provider with a strong focus on efficient data service automation. It uses open-source technologies to make cloud automation efficient for enterprises. The company’s IP integrated Data Service products are used by large corporations and mid-size companies across North America, Asia, and Europe. The firm was established more than a decade ago, and through its creativity, it transformed by 2018 into a successful cloud operations provider. In 2019, the company formed a Kubernetes team. In 2022 the company generated $7,236,220 in revenue and an EBITDA margin of 32%. Between 2019 and 2022, it maintained a stable CAGR of 16%, with a client retention rate of 100% over the past two (2) years. Team: The company is led by the owner (CEO) and the CTO. They are supported by a team of 63 full- and part-time resources. Services and Clients: The company has a proven track record in facilitating clients’ deployment of applications in any cloud infrastructure leveraging its proprietary IP. The company is infrastructure and platform agnostic and offers: ● Platform and Data Services (>90% of gross profit) ● Cloud-Native Application Development (<10% of gross profit) Client contracts are secured on a long-term basis ranging between two (2) to seven years (7). The company employs a recurring subscription revenue model that is associated with recurring professional services. Transition Support: The current leadership, including the owner, is fully committed to ensuring a smooth transition and is flexible to remain full-time if an agreement is reached with the buyer. Reason for Selling: The owner wants to diversify his personal portfolio. Competitive Landscape: With more than ten (10) years of experience in cloud computing technologies, the company has collaborated with companies of various sizes, ranging from big to small and medium-sized enterprises, across multiple industry verticals to address their cloud computing needs. The existing IP boasts pricing competitiveness and infrastructure flexibility, which are strengths relative to competitors. The company's products can run on any major infrastructure, whether it is a public cloud or on-premise service. Growth and Expansion Opportunities: The company is a pioneer in the Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes spaces with its proven IP and technical know-how. It is, therefore, well positioned to continue riding the upward trend within the industry. The company is expanding its platform by adding new data services, including those for Kubernetes, which will soon be available for any Kubernetes installation. This expansion will enable it to reach new customers and markets and increase revenue streams since a growing number of clients will seek these solutions in the foreseeable future.

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