00:00 Intro to Chris Younger

01:15 Acquiring 27 companies at Expanets

02:33 Silver Cloud Companies PE

03:11 Why do you believe in Vistage Worldwide?

03:36 Who do you go to for advice?

06:28 Back to Expanets, how did you buy those companies?

09:14 What about management to run these companies?

11:19 Why did you start Class IV Partners?

13:27 Core Values - how do you measure that?

15:26 How do you reward employees?

16:37 Why did you write a book?

20:23 The more you tell the truth the stronger you get - where did you get that teaching from?

23:22 FINRA asks you to change your name...why?

24:18 Your first client did you work out and you refunded them - why?

25:41 Deciding when to harvest - how do you know?

28:56 What if seller is not getting price he/she wants?

30:42 Working backwards - and do you help grow through acquisitions?

32:37 What if they don't have more gas in the tank?

34:45 Is this a DIY roadmap or do you Done for You?

35:39 What if the client has a high concentration of customers?

38:39 What stories do the financial reports cards tell you?

40:46 And the debt on the balance sheet?

41:01 What if debt is used to turn assets to cash flow?

41:53 What do you mean entrepreneurs are not using debt as much as they should?

43:41 If entrepreneur has grown his business for 15 years, done everything he can think of marketing do you improve on that?

45:14 What are your suggestion when it comes to Cap structure for selling?

47:15 How do you make the decision when all offers are 10% of each other?

49:06 What is your "Go to Market" strategy?

51:42 Communication: Don't Make this Mistake - what is that?

55:18 Sending people to wealth managers...

56:51 The Entrepreneur Thesis - what is that?

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