We are building a startup focused on helping searchfunds identify potential acquisition targets faster! Ultimate goal being that the search time comes down from ~2 years -> less than 1 year!

On that note, we have built an early version of our product that enables you to search for companies based on what they actually do! (e.g. inputting an elderly care company as an example firm will produce other elderly care companies)

Currently the database has 1.5M US companies but will have ~10M and a link to the Linkedin of the company in <2months! If anybody is interested, would be amazing to have a quick meeting regarding what features would be the most beneficial to be built next - happy to also give out accounts at a 90% discount (100USD/ month) to anybody who gives feedback on the features! Feel free to find a time with me from: calendly.com/invenmeeting

Comment "Interested" and I'll send you a question on Searchfund regarding what you are searching for and will happily send 500 similar companies for free!