In this podcast interview, Chase Murdock tells the story of how he transitioned from launching a few venture capital backed companies to CEO of a holding company of 5 SMBs and making 4 SMB acquisitions. He offers valuable insights on the importance of doing what you love, the value of relationships, and more!


00:00 Intro to Chase Murdock

02:20 The downside of VC backed companies

03:21 The accidental call to adventure to the world of SMB's

06:49 Producing more revenue from the first SMB versus the VC backed firm -but learning holistically

10:10 Learning the avatar in a 0 to 1 environment - learning fast - Arrival fallacy

12:42 Finding the best business partner run a contest: who treats the other better

17:02 How he finances the acquisitions

19:15 His holding company thesis - no rich uncle - goal: 5X Love & Energy

22:29 How to become expert in growth in different niches

24:01 Finding and or promoting operators

24:57 Discovering how operators boost their productivity

26:28 How to prove to seller you can bring the resources to grow their business

27:33 The framework for how Chase works with portfolio companies

30:40 How to help the GMs break & scale

34:36 Who Chase goes to for personal growth

36:07 Working 60 hours at Holding Co. vs 60 Hours at VC backed companies

38:19 Sellers do not own equity in holding company

38:43 Is your success attracting money?

41:10 Why do you have imperative to grow at break neck speed (out of death zone)

42:17 Buy and hold or exit?

43:14 How he decided pay themselves from Free Cash Flow

44:40 Ernest Hemmingway mean to him