I'm seeking a sharp financial mind to join our team to focus on acquisitions, financing, and joint venture deals within the risk management sector. We generally mean non-financial risk management, e.g. security, investigations, intelligence, crisis management communications / PR, and so on.

So far we have completed 2 acquisitions of firearms and training companies in the executive protection space. Next, we think cybersecurity and US-based uniformed guard services may make a great platform for further expansion into specialized services. I've personally advised on ~100+ asset sales in the microcap online/remote business sector as well.

I say "CFO-type" role here because there are several backgrounds and preferences which could be a fit. The ability to assist with financial due diligence, projections, and clear communication in lender / investor relationships would be the most important elements.

At this stage we are also open to feedback on how we're approaching this, whether we should be hiring a service provider rather than recruiting for the core team, or collaborative models with other groups.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Colton Moffitt