Funding Available For:

Business Acquisition
CRE & SFR Investment
Buyouts ( both)
Working Capital
Refinancing ( both)
Restructuring ( both)
Equipment Financing
Mezzanine Closing Cash
Joint Ventures
Start Up Capital

Searchfunder member

(cash reserves and other fees


All of these products have different
requirements for qualification, some
are no credit, lite doc, others, more.

Be Ready To Identify:

1. who will guarantee
the loan yourself, pledged
asset or the company fund ?

2. a prepared executive summary
( typically for business cash or
commercial real estate)

3. No minimum credit score

(Searchfunder member

4. No application fee.

5. If you purchase, a business asset I have, and don’t have representation, I can service the need on the buy side. Same if, you have your own ( if needed).

6. No engagement fees, beyond doc prep ( if needed).

*Other than commercial real estate,
we can get you cash in days !!!

Let me know.