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RebatesMe (www.rebatesme.com) is a free cash-back rewards and payments company through which members receive cash-back on everything from apparel and electronics, to restaurants, groceries and more. Membership is free and users can easily shop at thousands of merchants, find special deals, and earn cash-back on every purchase. In 2021, 2.2 million orders totaling $350 million in value originated from RebatesMe, resulting in $21.9 million in commissions, of which $17.1 million was paid to members. RebatesMe is closely integrated with Likamao (www.likamao.com), a gift card “mall” that sells gift cards at a discount. Membership is free and users can buy gift cards at a discount to face value from a wide range of merchants. Likamao has sold over $41 million in face value of gift cards since its founding in###-###-#### Likamao purchases gift cards at a discount to face value and then sells them to members at a lower discount.

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