Looking for a buyer.
We are a buy-side bank and would expect you (the buyer) to pay our fee (Single Lehman). This midwest company has been built on its patented designs and precision CNC manufacturing. With 26 machines, 12 machinists, and single shifts they’re able to produce approximately 3-4 thousand barrels a month. The high margins are due to their patent designs, in-house manufacturing, and organic marketing. While its current facility is at not at max capacity, there is still room for growth by having a second shift and if needs be, they own an acre of land next door for future expansion. Senior management is solid and handles most of the day-to-day. The 100% owner of the company has someone in mind to take over his role in sales and marketing. They received an offer last year but turned it down due to unfavorable structuring. The owner is more motivated to sell now due to wanting to move on and is willing to look at any deals.

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Midwest USA
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