I have been researching SMB acquisition financing in Canada (specifically for small deals where traditional bank financing would not be available). It is easy to find information on SBA lending in the US, such as average LTV, multiples of EBITDA/SDE, terms, etc. (largely through the many Twitter accounts in this space, and here); however, I am having trouble finding similar information for Canada.

I've looked at BDC's Business Loans for Entrepreneurs and it seems like they offer acquisition financing, but the details are not clear to me (and unless I have a deal for them to look at, I can't really get a discussion paper or something to get an idea of the terms).

I’ve also looked at the Canada Small Business Financing Program, which seems comparable to the US SBA program in that it is government-backed - but the CBSFP is only for hard assets and so I'm not sure if it can be used for SMB acquisitions. Maybe just for the portion backed by hard assets?