Just joined the community - love to see the conversations going on and what everyone is working on in real-time! While I usually try to sell industry research, right now I'm happy to give it away for free if it can help anyone with a current or prospective engagement - especially since we're all in this together aiming to keep the economy afloat!

If you aren't familiar with IBISWorld, you can see a ton of the free content we've been putting out regarding the industries most severely impacted by COVID-19 and aiming to get a handle on what to expect in the future (https://www.ibisworld.com/industry-insider/press-releases/ibisworld-monitors-the-coronavirus-impact-on-industries-around-the-world/). If there is a specific title that can help you, just shoot me a note on here or email over at --@----.com and I'd be happy to get it over to you.