Hi fellow searchers and investors with big hearts,

If you are a searcher contemplating a search fund, or looking for a deal, or an investor looking for better than average returns, or just curious, you are welcome to join the metaphorical Firefighter CEOs and Investors group.

Firefighters are heroes and heroines. They plan ahead to prevent fires. They help the sick, the weak, and the vulnerable. When everyone else runs away from danger, they stay calm, face the challenge, save lives and preserve properties.

As a CEO, you are not always in an air-conditioned office on the top floor. You are down to earth. You may need to appear in a messy situation. You may need to meet people clearing up a mess.

If this sounds like you, do reach out, and get invited to the Round Table.

Firefighting is just a metaphor. The industry we are going to target is not new, but often overlooked.

The growth strategy ticks all the boxes of an ideal search fund investment.

I have had long talks with 2 business owners, 3 retired senior executives, and 1 retired economist over the phone. All of them asked "what is special about this industry", and all of them are convinced by the end of the call. The historic demand, data and business logic make perfect sense.

The 2 business owners are willing to invest up to 4 million USD when a suitable deal is found. One of the business owners spent 4 hours with me going through the business growth strategy and contingency plan during the coronavirus pandemic.

The CEO in this industry is a challenging and highly rewarding leadership role. You will have the potential to preserve jobs, save lives, and stop the spread of virus. You may get your suit and tie smeared. In fact most of time you don't even need a tie. I never like a tie and the role suits me well :).

I don't have deals for you, but I know exactly the characteristics of this industry, and what brands to look for. I am working on a franchise brand in this industry in Australia, and have insights from previous and current owners. I will explain why a franchise brand in this industry is a diamond in the rough, over the phone or video call.

I will help you to raise fund, set search criteria, and implement the growth strategy after acquisition. You will lead the sourcing and acquisition, and future growth following local laws and regulations. You are the CEO on the driver's seat.

I will run such a search fund myself in Australia. I will consider relocating to another country if a suitable deal is not available in Australia.

Each searcher will look for a deal in similar industries in a different country. The CEOs will have a lot of best practices to share, but will not directly compete against each other. The strategy that works in one country probably works in the same industry in another country.

I have been closely following what has happened in China during the coronavirus crisis, how some businesses lose millions, while other businesses make billions. I am an Australian fluent in Chinese, which becomes handy here. We learn from the businesses that have made billions.

I have been working with suppliers to have contingency supplies ready in UK, Germany, Australia and the US. A warehouse can be set up in other countries with firefighter searchers.

As CEOs, we have to preserve and grow the value of the franchise brand after acquisition, with the help of the contingency supplies.

The coronavirus pandemic has little to do with our growth strategy. It just makes more business owners consider to sell the business. It opens the door to more acquisition opportunities.

Governments may restrict international travels during the coronavirus pandemic. You should be prepared to meet local investors and raise fund from them.

This is the first ever global coordinated acquisitions in similar industries. It is a closely knit CEO club. It is a Round Table with some empty seats left. When one CEO is away, the second in charge may get advice and insights from other CEOs during emergency. The collective wisdom of the CEOs and investors makes sure all investments will succeed, in all countries.

One of the search funds in the group may become the best performing search fund in history. As the saying goes, two minds are better than one. We have more than two minds here.

The industry is not glamorous. When we acquire a franchise brand, we add glamour to it, and make it a diamond.

We are aiming to multiply EBITDA even with the current market share.

Are you a firefighter?

Are you ready for the challenge?

Are you in?

Let's break some records, and create a legend.

Comment below, or send me a message to claim your seat to the Round Table.