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My name is Jeremiah and my deal thesis involves the acquisition, merger, and growth of two or more brands who are “category killers” or dominant in a particular product category, to create a lifestyle brand. My goal is to acquire DTC apparel brands in the $5M EBITDA range in the e-commerce space which is expected to grow another $100B in the next few years. I have a track record of improving EBITDA, working capital and competitive positioning. Leveraging 20+ years of experience in the consumer products industry as a Sales & Strategy executive scaling global brands such as Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein, where I improved EBITDA by $3M to $40M.

Review Case Study here: growthmindsetadvisors.com/case-study/

Subsectors of interest:
1. DTC (direct to consumer brands) in the men's apparel, footwear or accessories categories (men are more brand loyal, thus, lower risk than women's brands). I would consider a brand with men's + women's but not women's only.

2 Licensing businesses

3 Franchise networks

4 Regional rural retailers

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Many thanks.