We are looking for an intern who is passionate about learning the search process, which includes a brokered search, proprietary search, and due diligence.

The specific focus will be how this is used for acquisitions, similar to what Private Equity Funds do. The skills are also applicable to start ups, SMBs, and high growth companies.

Sample Projects or Activities
- Executing a brokered search, similar to how it's done in a private equity

  • Executing a proprietary (direct) search, similar to how it's done in private equity
  • Doing industry research
  • Documenting/creating a framework for doing industry research
  • Developing an overview review of each of the phases of the deal process
  • Developing expertise in at least one area of the deal process
  • Updating key terms in the Letter of Intent
  • Reaching out to brokers
  • Creating/updating financial projections
  • Synthesizing data
  • Managing small areas of a project
  • Sitting in on broker calls
  • Writing communications to update key stakeholders
  • Writing out best practices for buyside search

    Skill Requirements & Key Themes
    - Have the desire to learn about acquisitions (buying businesses), private equity, holding companies, entrepreneurship, or investing in businesses
  • This internship should align with one or more of your passion areas. You get to spread your wings and have a unique opportunity to see behind the veil of private equity, entrepreneurship, impact investing, mission-focused businesses, and acquisitions.
  • Prior education or experience that has taught you to think and write in a structured manner
  • Ask questions###-###-#### during a conversation, via email, video call, phone, or other channels when you’re confused about instructions or any other time it’s unclear
  • Have strong attention to detail for grammar, typos, formatting, and alignment
  • Learning professional office behaviors expected at top firms. - the CEO was a Senior Manager in Business Strategy at Accenture and a professor at The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business
  • Strong preference for people that eventually want to be entrepreneurs or work in a Fortune 500 company.

    Optional Skills
    - MBA candidates or people with 3+ years of work experience are preferred but undergrads will be considered
  • Have a good understanding of basic business operations, especially M&A
  • Have experience in financial modeling
  • Should be comfortable in a remote setup and collaborate with people from different parts of the world
  • If you have worked in a remote role before, explain how long you have worked in an online setup before and what you did in that role

    We are looking for someone who:
    - Is proactive, a self-starter, and inherently curious
  • Has a strong desire to learn
  • Is open to ideas from others
  • Is open to possibilities and new ways of thinking which is a part of success and a team culture
  • Leads by example, exhibiting integrity, professionalism, and a strong work ethic
  • Leans in to change and new responsibilities
  • Open to direct feedback and ready to grow and learn
  • Have a growth mindset
  • Likes working with other people

    This internship is NOT for you if
    - If you have an aversion to learning
  • You are not a team player
  • You do not have an interest in helping others
  • You are not motivated for self-improvement
  • If you are the type to hang back and wait for work, ideas, or solutions to be given to you, this is not the right role
  • If you’re not hungry to learn how to grow a following, this role isn’t for you
  • You're looking for an easy role to get a quick update to your resume
  • No LinkedIn or other communication outside of the hiring process will be read
  • Do not like collaboration and prefer all the ideas to be your own

    - Minimum of 3 hours per day Monday to Friday
  • Minimum of 20 hours per week
  • The internship ends Dec 31, 2023
  • The main communication tools are Slack, ClickUp and email and you must be comfortable using those to discuss tasks/outcomes through email.
  • We use ClickUp for project mgt
  • Attend weekly meetings

    Weekly Meetings
    - Weekly acquisition search meeting
    • Where each person presents what they've been working on
    • Every Monday from 4-5pm CT
  • Intern Onboarding Meeting
    • Helps you get up to speed and learn new parts of the program
    • Thursdays from 12:15-12:45pm CT
  • 411
    • 30 minutes
    • 1-1 with CEO every Friday
    • Reflect on YOUR performance throughout the week
    • Identify problem areas
    • Propose solutions for the coming week
    • Feedback from CEO
  • Career Success Sessions - Weekly
  • Taught as a Professor in a top 5 business school
  • Senior Manager at Accenture performing top 5%-10% nationally every year
  • Grew companies as an advisor to businesses ranging from start-ups to those generating $20 million in revenue
  • Skilled in Business Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Financial Services
  • Has written recommendations for b-school students applying to Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, and Northwest
  • Founded an organization in her free time to teach 5,000 people how to invest over $10M.
    • Created a leadership team to continue the work after her tenure as head of the organization
      - Previous undergraduate and masters-level interns have used working for Yvette to create the following outcomes
      - AT&T - Sales Strategy
    • Capital One - Changes Management
    • CEO - Managing team of 8 people
    • Deloitte - Consulting
    • BNP Paribas - Investment Banking Analyst
    • 3 have gotten early promotions at Accenture
    • Get into an MBA program
  • She sees internships as a way to help people take a large step toward their personal and career goals while contributing to a team mission

Hiring Process
- Read this entire document. - Send 2 things to --@----.com###-###-#### Your resume - if we don’t already have it - 2 to 5-minute video summarizing why you are interested in this specific internship, what you want to contribute, and what you want to get out of it?

Pay & Earning Credit Hours
- This is not a paid internship but the experience you will gain during your internship will give you an opportunity to see how the actual business acquisition works, exposure to a Private Equity model, impact investing, and several senior entrepreneurs - You can follow in the footsteps of other interns and secure a top job after the internship by having an amazing experience to talk about in your job interview - We'll also provide the documentation necessary for you to earn credit hours