Businesses for Sale Near Me - Where to Find them says there are 1.6 Million Businesses for Sale, RIGHT NOW is the International Business Brokers Association

First, A "Business for Sale" has a Motivated Seller. A Motivated Seller is a seller wants to get off the merry go around – they have a “starting valuation”, they have a snap-shot of financials, they are ready for you to look at their Confidential Information Memorandum

The two questions are…

1. Where do I find a Businesses for Sale (which may be relocatable)

Go to my site, go to the nav bar where it says, "Where to Buy a Business". This page contains the Top 100 Websites to Buy a Business Online, like ecommerce, SaaS, Content, If you are doing a Rollup Looking for Dental, Medical, Accounting, Franchises, Routes, relocatable, marketplaces, from tiny to big.

These are the biggest sites, with the most listings, the most traffic – for you to find a Business for sale.

2. Where do I find a Businesses for Sale – Near Me

Go to These Business Sellers are represented by a local broker. These local Brokers may upload their listings on BizBuySell, they may not.

They are only looking for local buyers. They don’t have to deal with a lot of tire kickers from 5 states away

How to Look for Listings. Go to the broker's site. Look at their listings…

If they have a listings you are interested in, contact the broker, tell them which listing, they will ask you to sign an NDA and then you will send you a CIM - (Confidential Information Memorandum). From here you decide to go to the next step.

If they don’t have anything you are looking for, still contact the broker, tell them what you are looking for, tell them a little about yourself, your financial position, where you are at in your search – first acquisition, and when you intend to acquire a business - like next###-###-#### days.

Hope this helps get you one step closer.


Jon Stoddard