Dear SF community!

Business value misperception is a reason why many deals get stuck and/or opportunities are missed, This is why we decided to come up with a business tool that would help to address these issues.

I am glad to share with you a recently developed business valuation calculator. Primarily, it is meant for searchers and business owners who do not really have the in-depth knowledge of business valuation, spreadsheets and/or math and seek a fast, simple and relatively reliable solution to use on their own.

Please note that the tool is by no means meant as a replacement of professional business valuation services. Nevertheless, it indeed can be something to start with.

This tool was developed for you, so please help us make it even better & more known.

For those of you who will give it a try - your comments are welcome! Some things to consider ...
- Do you see a value in its use? Is it what you expected?
- Is the tool intuitive and clear enough?
- What you like and what you don't like?
- What would you do differently?
- Is there something else you consider as "must have"?
- Would you be ready to integrate it into your SF website?
- Would you be ready to recommend it to business owners you deal with in the search phase?

Sincere thanks to everyone.

Kind regards, Peter