Up to $40 Mil Available for

Real Estate ( minimum $50k).

Typical Real Estate

- Free Standing Buildings - Hotels -
- Gas Stations- Strip Malls- Plazas-
-Grocery - Restaurant- Warehouse
-Storage Facilities and much more…….

Functional Purposes:

A) Company Relocation
B) After Purchase Expansion
C) Repurposing or Conversions
D) Logistics or Manufacturing
E) Storage or Warehousing
and much more ….
F) Collateral

Request Instructions:

Specify the amount you need, purpose for funding, how long you need it for, and location, ….

What To Expect:

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Wait until You Are Prequalified

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your borrower profile. I have anything you need, if I don’t, I can get it !!!! It is of no concern, if your business is profitable!! It is a capital

expense, you can write off !!!!

What Program Do You Offer ?

Every instrument is different and is
tailored for the specific situation.

All projects must have an executive summary if they are more elaborate than simple occupancy. 

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to me. Interested message me.